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Employment Policy

Ashling Engineering & Construction Co. (AECC) Pvt.Ltd. Human Resources Department has committed to enhance skills of personnel thru innovative training and development. Our departmental philosophy is working together on the way of excellence and advancement.All through our recruitment process, we seek out to employ the right candidate to the right job from both local and overseas sources. We believed that the quality of Human Capital is revealed on the competency and skills of our personnel. Our personnel are our most important asset that contributes to the success of India Construction Company.Working at AECC is a challenging yet a learning experience for every personnel. At AECC we 'TAKE CARE' of our people. We offer our people more than just a job, its an opportunity to be part of a dynamic and professional organization. We normally provide support to our employees on every path of their career for them to achieve their objective through company's mission and vision.