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HSE Policy

To achieve these aims AECC will:

1.Pursue and support continual improvement in the health and safety of its own employees and those as stated herein above, by putting in continued efforts to minimise the risk in all its operations.

2.Provide thorough and adequate training to all employees to enable them to carry out their work in a safe, correct and efficient manner.

3.Ensure through the use of recognized proprietary equipment, a planned and approved maintenance program and maintain national and where appropriate international standards for safe operations.

4.Ensure that through effective procedures and work instructions, all equipment are operated in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions so as to present the minimum risk of injury or failure.

5.Develop and implement programmes to promote safe working conditions.

6.Ensure that the impact of the company's activities has the least minimum detrimental effect on the environment.

7.Audit on a regular basis, the company's procedures to ensure their compliance and review the results with the intent of making any improvements, which may be justified as necessary.

8.Set measurable objectives and targets and review performance periodically. 

9.Comply with clients specific instructions where applicable.
10.Ensure through effective supervision, in all activities onshore and offshore, that all known steps are taken to prevent danger to life and limbs of every employee, impairment to the environment and damage to property and reputation gained.