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Machine Shop

AECC machine shop is a well equipped general machining facility. The machines range from a Hollow Spindle CNC machine to standard DSG Type manual Lathes.   AECC not only provides machining support to the offshore drilling activities but also to the various other industries within India. A portion of the machine shop capacity is dedicated to the ongoing support to the various projects which AECC undertake throughout the region. To support our facility we are authorized by the following bodies to manufacture and repair their products.   API SPEC Q1-5CT   API SPEC Q1-6A   API SPEC Q1- 7   API SPEC Q1-16A   Voestalpine (VAGT) Premium Connections   Hydril Premium Thread Repair. Within the machine shop we also provide the following services.   Drill string component Hard Banding   Coupling Make and Break with JAM up to and including 7"