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Piping / Structure

In INDIA AECC main facility have a covered workshop of over 600 Mē in area with a 10-ton overhead crane and an open yard of over 15,000 Mē in area. Our fabrication shop is equipped with latest machinery which includes Oxygen / Gas Profile Cutters, Guillotine, Plate Rollers, etc.

Equipped with all types of welding process which include: SMAW Shielded Metal Arc Welding SAW Submerged Arc Welding TIGTungsten Inert Gas Welding MIG Metal Inert Gas Welding FCAW Fluxed Cored Arc Welding AECC is competent enough to manufacture piping in all types of ferrous and non ferrous materials which include: Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Duplex Cupro-Nickel Aluminium Glass Reinforced Epoxy AECC has in excess of 80 Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) for all types of materials certified by Third Party Inspection (TPI) agencies. All AECC welders are coded and certified to in-house procedure qualifications with up to date records maintained. AECC has a proven track record of quality performance of defect free products which we encourage our customers to verify by checking our weld repair rates which are commonly under 0.35defects.

AECC have the facility to offer full design and construction of all types of structural as a single unit or in parts. Heavy units can be fabricated in parts and assembled at our construction yard with the help of our own cranes. port is just 8 km away from our yard and 15 m wide road access is available between yard and port.