Welcome to Ashling Engineering & Construction Co. (AECC) Pvt.Ltd.


Plant and Machinary

AECC owns and operates most of the required equipment needed to support our many activities. To ensure all equipments are maintained to the highest standard and always ready for use, we employ a team of experienced mechanics specializing in plant maintenance, competent in engine rebuilds, hydraulic repairs, along with auto electricians. Our maintenance team ensures that all our equipment in use is with valid certificates in accordance with specifications and industry standards. AECC maintenance workshop has undertaken complete crane strip down and rebuild programs. When not in use all AECC plant and equipment are available for hire. AECC offers full back up facility for hired equipment which includes on site repair or replacement. All equipment is maintained to the highest degree and ready for immediate deployment. All cranes are tested and certified prior to being allowed to work on any AECC project.