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Entire range of Emerson Process Management products comprising:- Rosemount Pressure, temperature and flow transmitters ,Daniel Flow Meters, Orifice Plates and Metering Skids, Fisher Control Valves & Accessories, Displacer Type Level Transmitters, Digital Valve Petitioners, Regulators, Tank Blanketing & Vapor Recovery Valves, Posi-Seal Butterfly Valves, Baumann Special Service Valves, Contek Desuperheaters and Field Services / Training ,Brooks Flow Meters, Micro Motion Mass Flow Meters ,Rosemount Analytical Instruments, Gas Chromatographs ,Rosemount Control Systems ,Rosemount Radar Type Level Transmitters, Emerson Education Services: Training on Instruments, Systems and Control Valves ,Valve Automation Division (Bettis Actuators),ESD, Fire & Gas Systems, Burner Management and HIPPS System. Construction Materials, Electrical Cable and Wirings. API 6D Pipeline Ball Valves, ESD / Motorised Ball Valves, Sub Sea Valves, API 6A Gate Valves etc. Special Purpose Valves for Oil / Gas Production Stations. Wellhead Equipment such as BOPs, X-Mas Trees etc, Rupture Discs / Safety Heads Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valves, Flame Arresters, Vacuum Breakers, Emergency Vents, Blanket Gas Regulators etc, Generator Set, ,Solenoid Valves & Accessories ,Tubular / Casings / Drill Pipes / Choke Valves ,Gaskets, Sealing Products ,Goulds / Vogel / A-C Custom / Richter Pumps (Process, Water, Sewage etc.)

Bolt Tensioning Equipment& Services, Torque Wrenches Mechanical Pipe Connectors Limit Switches, Solenoid Valves and Position Indicators ,Hot Tapping ,Valve Safety Interlocks ,REL Instrumentation are global providers of real time leak detection systems & pipeline integrity management solutions to the oil, gas, chemical and water industries. Rental of Generators, Load Banks, Chillers & Air-conditions, Rental of Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts and Sky Lifts, Safety Relief Valves, Reciprocating Pumps, Manifolds, Flowline Products, Integrated Fire & Gas Detection Systems (A Kidde Group Company),High Integrity HVAC Equipment and Systems for Offshore Oil & Gas and Marine Markets. Air and Gas Handling Equipment. Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Centrufugal Compressors, Packaged Units, A Fire Engineering Company Specialising in Design, Supply & Installation of Fire & Gas Protection and Detection Systems. (A Kidde Group Company) Advanced Connection Systems for Offshore Tubulars, Seismic Data Precessing Acquisition and Interpretation, Manufacturers of Moisture Analysers and Dew Point Meters, Wireline, Logging, Slickline and Coil Tubing Units. Offshore Masts,Drilling Rock Bits,Riser Analysis, Conductor Systems and Camera Inspection ,Steam & Condensate Distribution and Control Products ,Plate Type Heat Exchangers Steam Trap Surveys, Engineering Support Services for Energy Audit etc switchgear,transformers,generators, cables/cable trays,JB.,lighting, distribution boards,lighting poles,etc.