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Service Centre

Benefits to our Valued Customers  
* Reduced management and administration when taking valves off site  
* Reduced transportation, reduction of risk resulting in shorter turn-around repair times
* Availability of dedicated and capable specialists at site for troubleshooting and fault finding  
* Ensure Fisher valves and products are correctly disassembled, serviced, repaired, installed and calibrated    
* Knowledge and expertise of Fisher products features to maximize turn-around repair times  
* Product verification and problem root cause analysis against actual loop checking and process conditions  
* Analyze through AMS/Valve Link data the process and plant conditions to improve control performance of valves and field devices  
* Plant start-up support and configuration of valves and petitioners Approved original spare parts along with special service tools and sub-assemblies available on-site 
 Mechanical :- Centifugal and PD Pumps ,Valves ,Interlocks ,Steam Generation, distribution and control boilers, Piping class materials ,Centrifugal and PD Blowers, Hot Taps and Plugging 
Upstream Oil and Gas :- Oil Country Tubulars Goods, Premium Connections, Wellheads and Drilling Products ,Wireline Units ,Choke Valves ,Tie-backs ,Drill Bits, Ball and Gate Valves, API 6D and ANSI, ESD's and MOV's etc.