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Value Section

AECC has been providing quality valve repair facilities and testing services for the past 2 years. Services we provide to our customers include:  * Highly experienced personnel. * Wide range of capabilities and equipment.  * Both workshop based and on site support.  * Accurate documentation and data management.  * Technical support to customers.AECC employees are with required skill and qualification for the trade and further trained in-house to ensure high standard of quality. When you work with AECC personnel you are getting:  * Company with valve repair experience that exceeds 2 years.  * Personnel with collective valve repair experience that Exceeds 50 years.  * Qualified personnel with additional in-house training. * Company which works to ISO Quality management system in under process   * Personnel with safety training that meet OHSAS requirements.Versatility and flexibility are what AECC offers to its customers. Whether you bring your valves to our repair shop or you need on-site valve repair, we will provide services that meet your needs. AECC uses following equipment to support our repair capabilities.  * Mobile work shops for on-site repair and testing of relief valves.  * Hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing capabilities.  * Pressure-vacuum vent valve repair and testing.  * Certified deadweight testers for calibrating gauges.  * In situ valve seat grinding machine for gate valves.  * Grit blasting and painting.  * Machine shop facility.  * Control valve testing and calibration.  * High pressure water jet cleaning.